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Trip to Nottingham, 05. - 11.03.2013

This March, the Berlin fellows travelled to Nottingham in order to get to know better the English Q-College fellows and to organize a mutual visit to the BritishMuseum in London. Having had contact only via video-calls, every one of us was quite excited about getting to know the fellows in person, for which purpose we performed a speed-dating focussed on academic interests. We were warmly welcomed and made friends easily. Our fellows guided us through Nottingham with its lovely city centre and beautiful campus. We were thus introduced into British academic life, the students’ cultural activities, and last but not least into the British cuisine. In preparation for our trip to the British Museum, we were split up into groups working on different aspects (style, contents, contexts…) of the Parthenon-Sculpture which was our main topic. The group work was very vivid and interesting, and even though staying inside the BM for a whole day, we could not manage to talk about every aspect we had in mind in detail.
Furthermore, we visited the storage rooms of Nottingham Castle Museum which is going to display its collection of finds from the famous sanctuary in Nemi (south of Rome, Italy), and Chatsworth House with its collection of ancient and classisizing statues.
Our week in Nottingham went by far too fast, making us really looking forward to the fellows’ visit to Berlin in September.